2019 BMW K 1600 B Release Date

2019 BMW K 1600 B Release DateMotorcycles BMW always make the intention of the company loud and clear. So when BMW introduced the “Concept 101” bagger in the spring of 2015, his assumption was a production version not far away. With the recent disclosure of 2019 K 1600 B, BMW has proven that assuming everything does not have to end by making an out of you and me. Inspired by the American-born bagger scene that helped form the Concept 101, the K1600 GT carrying bag gets a new rear for a lower and more stretched look and updated side bags that claim to have a deeper body. Marker B indicates that the seat is unmanageable (as in GT), but BMW says that seat height is significantly lower, especially for passengers (the rear is 2.75 inches which is claimed to be lower).

BMW has replaced the GT windshield with shorter, electrically adjustable units that work better with high front and low rear positions. It also says that the updated fairings and deflector winds are designed to provide wind and weather protection. Because even in America back roads, you’ll never be able to predict the weather.

2019 BMW K 1600 B Release Date
2019 BMW K 1600 B

BMW K 1600 B 5.7-inch TFT display, drive mode, gear indicator, coolant temperature, fuel level, time, odometer, mileage, radio, Dynamic ESA fuel range, and computer mode and control options. The standard heated seats and grips, cruise control, power windscreen, and ABS Pro with cornering optimization are excellent features. None of the 30 media members who attended this introduction rode a “standard” bike; all blessed with $ 24,499 options-multiple versions that have add-ons from Machine Protection Bar, Floor Board, Keyless Ride, Central Locking System, Gearshift Assist Pro, LED Auxiliary Lamp, Reverse Assistance, Adaptive Xenon Lamp with Dynamic (self) Leveling , Audio System with Sirius Radio and GPS setups, and Bluetooth Interface Control. This option is available in multiple packages, and some separately. Some things I did not experience were Hillside Controls, Tire Pressure Monitor, Forged Hose, and Storage Compartment, which are basically small, lockable gloveboxes that are installed rather low.

There are 11 switches on the left handlebar, and three on the right side, plus four buttons on the left fairing, which has something to do with the audio system and if the wrong one is pushed, the radio does not work. Nonetheless, complaining about the odd and many switches on bikes that a person does not have is the same as complaining about updates on a smartphone; It all seems very stupid and unnecessary until people become familiar with the features and forget that there is a problem to get started. So, I will assume that all the difficulties I faced with various switches and multi-controller multi-wheel due to operator error by you really. Anyway, we only have fast and dubious key exercises.

2019 BMW K 1600 B Release Date

2019 BMW K 1600 B – Engine Performances

Under the metal body the Black Storm is the same distributed liquid cooled engine, 1.649cc in a six-cylinder engine with DOHC, four valves per cylinder and a 12.2: 1 compression ratio that gives power to the BMW K 1600 B. With a narrow 72 mm bolt (the stroke is 67.5mm) and the cylinder arm is only 5mm away, the engine is not much wider than the in-line four. The perfect primary and secondary balance eliminates the need for word counters and cylinders tilting forward 55 degrees to lower the center of gravity, giving more weight to the front wheel and letting the rails of the aluminum alloy bridge type frame pass through it than around the engine.

Although the 2019 BMW K 1600 B platform has been made in accordance with Euro4, BMW claims that engine output has not changed from the previous model: 160 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 129 lb-ft of torque at 5,250 rpm Dynamic mode and Road, and 147 horsepower and 122 lb-ft of torque in Rain mode (measured in crank). When we installed the 2019 BMW K 1600 B droid at Jett Tuning, however, this resulted in lower-than-expected horsepower and torque on the rear wheels with an irregularly shaped dyno curve, compared to the last GT 16 GT we tested in 2013. Several bikes motor limiting machine electronically. output when the front wheels do not move but the rear wheels rotate rapidly, as happens when the dyno runs, and such restrictions may be incorporated into the BMW K 1600 B engine management software. We contacted BMW Motorrad to ask this but we did not receive any responses before go to press. We will follow up in the near future.

2019 BMW K 1600 B Release Date

2019 BMW K 1600 B – Test Drive

Never riding a K1600GT / GTL makes comparing the experience of driving B with those models untenable. But the first thing you might notice about BMW K 1600 B is likely to be the same: The core problem; Bicycles do not come with an upside option unless the size is large and this option is well rewarded in B. Simply push the button and turn the engine up to one mph, which as fast as others want, especially in the bike crowd will back off.

However, as it moves forward, the open road ahead, great pleasure can be obtained from the six-horned swing, into its powerband around 5,000-5,500 rpm, and quickly reaches 7,500 rpm. Big B can survive for Big Bike and Big Power. However, at lower spins, this is a quiet and smooth engine.

2019 BMW K 1600 B Release Date
2019 BMW K 1600 B

Many of the avenues we underwent were fairly rugged mountain roads, and despite the heavy weight of BMW K 1600 B – not counting my wet weight – comfortable enough through tight stuff. While riding the tight stuff, I tend to use the second or third equipment, depending on how tight it is. This keeps me in the sweet powerband part of a frequent turn, and often uses the engine brakes alone when entering it.

  • The 1649cc inline-6 ​​did not disappoint.
    The heart of 2019 BMW K 1600 B is very smooth and has 160 hp power that is claimed at 7750 rpm; Torque 129 feet / lbs reaches 2,500 rpm earlier. The engine provides linear power delivery and with torque as an almost always present characteristic, regardless of its inline-6 ​​configuration. Scrolling in the throttle from the depth of the rev range will happily pull you through the bend without rushing through the gear box, even if you’re really on the wrong track. No visible hiccups in refueling throughout the entire rotation range.
  • The successor machine of 2018 BMW K 1600 B has many personalities. The big six allows the rider to sail and take in the bagger experience, or pound the throttle and harness its enormous strength. Grab a box full of throttles and you’ll be on your way to driving from any angle with a flashy grin.
  • The thin response is rather faint. When I first rolled the throttle BMW K 1600 B, I experienced a real amount of throttle lag. While this does offer a slightly more relaxed ride and eliminates the throttle snatch problem, it can be a bit grotesque when first set up as you often over-rev engine. At other times, it persuades the rider to understand more throttle than is needed when getting out of the corner. Once accustomed to the motor aspect, it can be overcome, but there is a bit of a learning curve.
  • Three driving modes dictate ABS, throttle response, and traction control settings. Dynamic, Road, and Rain control the level of intervention of all electronic aides. Dynamic offers the most aggressive throttle response and least intervention, while Rain can provide the most relaxed throttle response, combined with the most annoying ABS and TC. The road is a happy medium.
  • ABS and TC levels can not be adjusted and can not be disabled. Actually, that’s not entirely true, as it may be with wild adventures into the user interface, which BMW does not recommend and we will not disclose it. That said, the electronic features do not disrupt the trip in the slightest.
  • Gear Shift Assist Pro will set you back $ 475, but it’s a worthwhile expense. When equipped with BMW quickshift system, you’ll be able to focus on the way, whether you’re headed to the office or crashing into a few canyons over the weekend. Killing time has improved over the previous iteration of GSA Pro, allowing endless and uninterrupted redirects.


  • 2019 BMW K 1600 B may be labeled as Bagger but that does not mean it can not be ridden with passion. With a large 63.7-inch wheelbase and 17-inch aluminum wheels, Bavarian Bagger is a very intuitive machine. Actually, it’s easily one of its greatest strengths against its competitors. The most subtle suggestion will allow the rider to tip and maintain the line with great confidence, making his claimed blue 741 pounds seem like a mistake on the specification sheet.
  • BMW has not officially reported angular capabilities, but the rider does not need to fret. You can expect a lot of ground clearance that will allow for more than what most would consider riding the spirit before the hard part touched down. It inspires, without a doubt.
  • BMW K 1600 B 2018 gets the Duolever and Paralever suspension of BMW. At the front, BMW uses an unorthodox single shock suspension without fork tubes and natural anti-dive functions. At the back, the second arm reduces